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Product Name£ºLaser Marking Control Board

EzCad Card enables real-time control of scan system and lasers over a standard USB host interface. Customers can integrate complete machinery easily over the EzCad Card due to its compactness and I/O capabilities. Fast response times and short execution cycle times make the EzCad Card perfectly suitable for high performance applications. Farther more the EzCad Card can load marking file via a removable MMC memory card.
USB 2.0 micro controller on board
• 128 Kbyte program and data memory
• 64 Kbyte SRAM for USB data buffering
• Real-time calculation of laser and scanner signals
• Online grid correction with 10 us cycle time
• MMC memory card interface

Laser control
• Laser signals for YAG FIBER and CO2 laser types
• opt coupler TTL Level /10 mA output current
• 2 x 8-bit analog channels with 2.5, 5, 10 V output range
• 1 x 8-bit TTL output port

Scanner control
• X, Y channel
• XY2-100 digital interface

Response Times
• The card can response external trigger with in 12ms
• External trigger delay can be adjusted

I/O Port
• 6 Input Port
• 6 Output Port

• +5V/1.5A or +12/0.6A

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