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Product NameFiber Portable Laser Marking/Engraving System


Fiber laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system developed by our company with advanced laser technique, it adopts fiber laser to output laser and achieves to marking function after high speed scanning oscillating mirror system, it has higher photoelectric transfer efficiency, this machine adopts air cooling way and the whole machine is small, the output beam is qualified, high reliability.
The optical fiber laser marker features high electro optic conversion efficiency, air cooling, small size, high quality output beam, high reliability, long service life and energy saving. It can carve metal materials and certain nonmetal materials and is widely used in fields that have high requirement on depth, smoothness and fine, such as stainless steel mobile phone overlay, clock and watch, mould, IC, mobile phone keypad, etc. Bit map marking can carve beautiful pictures on the surfaces of metal and plastic, and the marking speed is 3-12 times of the speed of traditional first generation lamp pump marker and second generation semiconductor marker.

Mainly used to mark on various plastic buttons and electric devices, to mark code on CMOS chip, color paper and food package, it can also be used in the scope with high requirements, such as clock, jewelry, module, bitmap marking etc.

 Model              SO-LF(10~30)
 Laser Power   10W/10W/20W(optional)
 Max Marking Speed   600 characters/s height of character 0.5mm
 Graphic Format Supported   PLT,BMP,JPG,PNG,TIP,PCX,TGA,ICO,DXF
 Beam Quality   <2m2
 Power Stability(8h)   <1% RPM
 Pulse Repeat Frequency    20-60KHZ
 Whole Machine Power   <800W
 Mini Line Width    50um
 Mini Character   0.5mm
 Laser Wavelength   1064nm
 Oscillating Mirror Area   100x100mm (optional)
 Cooling Way   Air cooling
 Working Voltage   220V10%/50HZ
 Working Temperature   5-35
 Weight   40KG
Package    Plywood case

 Portable design         Easy to move
 Air-cooling system            Compact machine
 Perfect output beam quality       High reliability
 No consumables               Maintenance-free
 IPG fiber laser (Optional),      International latest, most reliable structure
 Small size              Power consumption is small
 No high-voltage without large water-cooled system  Close to the ideal beam
 USB output control         Optical scanning system
 Laser repetition rate high              High-speed without distortion

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