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Product NameCOHERENT Laser C30A




Coherent's DIAMOND C-Series sealed CO2 lasers are the best powerCsize ratio available in the market, based on a waveguide design assembled in an integrated package. The RF driver is mounted in the same housing as the laser head, resulting in a compact, robust system that can operate in the most demanding environments.

The entire C-Series offers excellent power stability, a great mode and fast rise and fall times in a very compact size. Overall, the C-Series low-power CO2 lasers deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.

Delivering either 55W or 70W output at 10.6 microns, both the C-55 and the C-70 are available as either air-cooled or water-cooled units, and both have the same dimensions. The C-70 is available in both elliptical and circular beam versions.

Height and width is the same on the C-20, C-30 and C-40, which simplifies integration design of the complete Coherent CW product series.

Key applications for these lasers are laser marking (i.e. of beverages), laser engraving and laser sintering. In addition these lasers are used in laser converting applications like laser scoring of flexible packages and medical applications.

C30A drawing




Air-Cooled RF-Excited OEM Industrial CO2Laser

System Specifications

Wavelength (µm)

10.55 to 10.63

Optical Output Power1 (W)


Power Stability2 (%)


Mode Quality (M2)


Beam Size (mm)

1.8 0.2

Beam Divergence (mrad, full angle)

7.5 0.5


>100 to 1 (fixed linear, parallel to width dimension)

Operating Frequency and Duty Cycle

0 to 25 kHz, 0 to 100% DC

Configuration and Facility Requirements


6.6 kg (14.5 lbs.)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

357 x 92.5 x 154.5 mm (14.1 x 3.64 x 6.08 in.)

Input Power3

48 VDC, 11.5A

Heat Dissipation (W)


Maximum Case Temperature

<60C (140F)

Operating Environment




5 to 40C (41 to 113F)

<2000 m (6500 ft.)


Shipping/Storage Environment

-10 to 60C (14 to 140F), non-condensing

1Power measured at 25C and derated by 1%/C for higher laser head temperatures.

2Power stability based on (Pmax - Pmin)/ (2*Pmax) average power measurement at constant duty cycle after 10-minute warm up at operating condition.

3Optional fans add 1A.



• Ultra-compact

• Outstanding beam quality

• Excellent power stability

• Single, integrated package

• Cost-saving and simple, direct-air cooling

• Linear polarization

• Low-cost OEM configuration

• Fast rise/fall time

• All-metal seals for long life

• Wide operating power range

• CW or modulated up to 25k


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